Neurogenetics studies the role of genetics in nervous system development and function. This recognizes neural features like phenotypes (i.e., observable or non-measurable manifestations of an individual's genetic make-up) and is mainly based on the fact. Individuals nervous systems are belonging to the same species, may not be the same. As the name implies, it draws elements from both neuroscience and genetics research, concentrating especially on how its transmitted characteristics influence the ordering that an organism bears. Mutations can have a good range of effects on the individual's quality of life during this genetic sequence. In the context of neurogenetics, neurological diseases, behaviour, and personality are all studied. In the mid to late 1900s, the field of neurogenetics emerged with developments and closely following advances made in the technologies available.

  • Behavioral neurogenetics
  • Cross-species gene conservation
  • Neural development
  • Cognitive genomics
  • Computational Neurogenetic Modeling




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